Welcome to Ozark Mountain Hillbilly Farms
We are a small family owned farm nestled in the Ozark Mountians of Missouri. Where we belive in farming like our grandparents did, We farm using all natural means, we do not use pesticides, herbicides,funguacides,or chemical fertilezers.
History about Ozark Mountian Hillbilly Farms

    Ozark Mountian Hillbilly Farms was started by my Uncle Charlie in 1972,. It started out as a goat dairy because my younger sister Melissa couldn't have cows milk. So it really was a family affair by 1982 the dairy was done due to Charlie having to travle across the country with the railroad. then we started raising chickens in the late 90's so my boys could see farm life.
 After the Navy I became a chef and had worked in the industry for 20 years and got fed up with the quality of food in resturants and in stores so my wife Joy and I decieded to do something about it. we started out with just raising Chickens mostly for eggs,the relized that we could get better food here at home So here came the gardens then back to our roots Goats.,